DTInnovate is founded by Ankita Tyagi, who also serves as the Principal Analyst. Ankita is a strong proponent of practical innovation across Financial Services, but also implores enterprises to consider cross-vertical strategic plays. 

Ankita started her career in Securities Finance division at State Street Bank, Boston, MA, where she compiled Key Risk Indicators for Senior Executives of Securities Finance division. This was followed by a brief stint as a Business Analyst at State Street Bank, North Quincy, where she served as a conduit between business use cases and their technological implementation.

Post this, Ankita joined Aberdeen Group, market research firm based out of Boston, where Ankita served as the sole and principal analyst for Financial Management and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) practice. In this capacity, Ankita covered topics such as E-Payables, Supply Chain Finance, Liquidity Management, XBRL, etc., to name a few. Ankita also conducted advisory sessions with executives of companies in aforestated discipline, to discuss technology trends and industry standards.

In 2014, Ankita attempted a financial savings venture, targeted at minors. Ankita got first hand exposure to early world of APIs, product development, user interface, engagement with potential investors, banking operations and general payments. Consequently, Ankita’s thinking (and hence research) style has evolved into a fine blend of industry research, data analysis, corporate strategy with due emphasis on product management. In 2015, Ankita worked briefly at Attivio, a big data company whose solution offering extracted meaningful insights from structured and unstructured data.

Since 2017, Ankita has been tracking progress of Advanced Technology (or High Tech), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), across Financial Services and cross-vertical. Ankita also explores role of cloud computing, network, infrastructure, security, ethics, data laws, etc. in IoT and AI development. Her work / industry findings are available via her consulting foray, DTInnovate.

Objective of her work is to fill knowledge gaps through fact based research, industry foresight and creative, original ideas, while being mindful of their real-world feasibility. All work has a strong undercurrent of ‘practicality and originality’ and the overall objective is to address clients’ pain point.
DTInnovate predominantly focuses on bold, avant garde innovators in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific region. Successful innovation often transcends borders.

Let’s build something together.