Evolutionary AI: Tempering High Risk of Complicated Financial Instruments

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Evolutionary AI (EAI) is a subset of evolutionary computation, inspired by biological evolution. In algorithm and AI world, it can be described as the survival of the fittest, where ‘fittest’ or optimal solution is the one that can most efficiently solve a problem, based on defined parameters or conditions.

Simple analogy: Would you use a $1,000,000 24k Gold Vaccum called GoVaccum to clean a 100 square feet, one room apartment or would you use a Dyson Cycle V10 industrial vaccum?

Or would a simple vaccum cleaner suffice? How about just a broom?

First two options are unnecessary (for most people…we think). Most people would sensibly choose either option three or four, depending on other constraints such as time, budget, frequency of cleaning, level of effort, etc.

Evolutionary AI (EAI) is such a sensible solution but is endowed with a creative, breakthrough twist.

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